The Rockbox Manual
Sansa c200 Series
December 16, 2018



Open Source Jukebox Firmware

Rockbox and this manual is the collaborative effort of the Rockbox team and its contributors. See the appendix for a complete list of contributors.

© 2003–2017 The Rockbox Team and its contributors, © 2004 Christi Alice Scarborough, © 2003 José Maria Garcia-Valdecasas Bernal & Peter Schlenker.

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1  Introduction
2  Installation
3  Quick Start
4  Browsing and playing
5  The Main Menu
6  Sound Settings
7  Playback Settings
8  General Settings
9  Theme Settings
10  Recording Settings
11  Time and Date
12  Plugins
13  Advanced Topics
A  File formats
B  Audio and metadata formats
C  Album Art
D  Theme Tags
E  Config file options
F  Menu Overview
G  User feedback
H  Credits
I  Licenses