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9  Theme Settings

The Theme Settings menu offers options that you can change to customize the visual appearance of Rockbox.

Browse Theme Files.
This option will display all the currently installed themes on the player, press Right to load the chosen theme and apply it.

A theme is a configuration file, stored in a specific directory, that typically changes the WPS , font used and on some platforms additional information such as background image and text colours.

There are a number of themes that ship with Rockbox. If none of these suit your needs, many more can be downloaded from http://themes.rockbox.org/index.php?target=ondiofm.

Note: Themes do not have to be purely visual. It is quite possible to create a theme that switches between audio configurations for use in the car, with headphones and when connected to an external amplifier. See section 12.2.2 for more details.

Browse the installed fonts on your player. Selecting one will activate it. See section 12.1.3 for further details about fonts.
While Playing Screen.
Opens the File Browser in the /.rockbox/wps directory and displays all .wps files. Selecting one will activate it, Left or On/Off will exit back to the menu. For further information about the WPS see section 4.3. For information about editing a .wps file see section 12.2.
Show Icons.
Rockbox has the ability to display an icon to the left of the file in the File Browser. For details of these icons, see section A.1. These icons can also be customised. See the IconSets and CustomIcons Wiki pages for details.
Settings related to on screen status display and the scrollbar.
Scroll Bar.
Allows you to choose where the vertical scroll bar should appear.
Scroll Bar Width.
Allows you to choose the width of the scroll bar (in pixels). Default value is 6.
Status Bar.
Allows you to choose where to display the statusbar.
Volume Display.
Controls whether the volume is displayed as a graphic or a numeric value on the Status Bar. If you select a numeric display, volume is displayed in decibels. See section 6.1 for more on the volume setting.
Battery Display.
Controls whether the battery charge status is displayed as a graphic or numerical percentage value on the Status Bar.
Line Selector Type.
This option allows you to select which type of line selector to use.
A small arrow to the left of the menu text.
Bar (inverse).
A bar with inverted foreground and background colour.