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12  Plugins

Plugins are programs that Rockbox can load and run. Only one plugin can be loaded at a time. Plugins have exclusive control over the user interface. This means you cannot switch back and forth between a plugin and Rockbox. When a plugin is loaded, you need to exit it to return to the Rockbox interface. Most plugins will not interfere with music playback but some of them will stop playback while running. Plugins have the file extension .rock. Most of them can be started from Browse Plugins in the Main Menu.

Viewer plugins get started automatically by opening an associated file (i.e. text files, chip8 games), or from the Open with option on the Context Menu.

12.1 Games
12.1.1 2048
12.1.2 Blackjack
12.1.3 Boomshine
12.1.4 BrickMania
12.1.5 Bubbles
12.1.6 Chessbox
12.1.7 Chopper
12.1.8 Clix
12.1.9 Codebuster
12.1.10 Dice
12.1.11 Doom

12.1  Games

See also the Chip-8 emulator in section ??, Frotz in section ??, Rockboy in section ?? and ZXBox in section ??.

12.1.1  2048


Figure 12.1: 2048

2048 is a simple, addictive puzzle game played by moving tiles in around on a 4x4 grid. Tiles slide as far as possible in the direction chosen by the player each turn until they are stopped by either another tile or the edge of the grid. If two tiles of the same number collide while moving, they merge into a tile with the total value of the two tiles that collided. The resulting tile cannot merge with another the same move. After each move, a tile with the value of 2 or 4 is created in an empty spot on the grid.

The game is won when a tile with a value of 2048 is created, and the player loses when there are no more possible moves.

Note: On players with a small screen tiles with a value greater than 1000 are shortened to “1k”, “2k” and so forth (k is the abbreviation of kilo, which – in computer talk – means a multiple of 1024).



Menu, Play, Prev, Next

Slide tiles

Menu+ Select

Go to menu

12.1.2  Blackjack


Figure 12.2: Blackjack

Blackjack, a game played in casinos around the world, is now available in the palm of your hand! The rules are simple: try to get as close to 21 without going over or simply beat out the dealer for the best hand. Although this may not seem difficult, blackjack is a game renowned for the strategy involved. This version includes the ability to split, buy insurance, and double down.

For the full set of rules to the game, and other fascinating information visit



Prev / Next / Scroll Forward / Scroll Backward

Enter betting amount


Hit (Draw new card) / Select


Stay (End hand)


Double down


Pause game and go to menu / Cancel

12.1.3  Boomshine

This is a game coded in Lua that’s a clone of http://www.yvoschaap.com/chainrxn/. It is a rather basic game, but probably a good way to show off some of Lua’s features in Rockbox.

12.1.4  BrickMania


Figure 12.3: BrickMania

BrickMania is a clone of the classic game Breakout. The aim of the game is to destroy all the bricks by hitting them with the ball once or more. Sometimes a special item falls down when you destroy a brick. For a special item to take effect, you must catch it with the paddle. Look out for the bad ones.

Special items

Displayed Name


N Normal

Returns paddle to normal.

D Die

Ball dies; lose a life.

L Life

Gain a life.

F Fire

Allows you to shoot bricks with paddle.

G Glue

Ball sticks to paddle each time it hits.

B Ball

Immediately fires another ball.

FL Flip

Flip left / right movement.



Prev / Next Scroll Backward / Scroll Forward

Moves the paddle


Release the ball / Fire


Open menu / Quit

12.1.5  Bubbles


Figure 12.4: Bubbles

The goal of the game is to beat each level as quickly as possible by clearing the board of all bubbles. Bubbles are removed from the board when a cluster of three of more of the same type is formed. The game is over when any bubbles on the board extend below the bottom line. To make things more difficult, the entire board is shifted down every time a certain number of shots have been fired. Points are awarded depending on how quickly the level was completed.




Pause game

Scroll Forward / Scroll Backward

Aim the bubble


Fire bubble

Menu+ Select or Play+ Select

Exit to menu

12.1.6  Chessbox


Figure 12.5: Chessbox

Chessbox is a one-person chess game with computer artificial intelligence. The chess engine is a port of GNU Chess 2 by John Stanback.

It also works as a PGN file viewer. Instead of executing the game from the plugin menu, look for any file with .pgn extension in the file browser and execute it. Chessbox will show the list of matches included in the file and allow you to select the one you want to watch. After that, you can scroll back and forth through the moves of the game. If the menu is invoked while in the viewer, the user is allowed to select a new match from the same file or quit the game.

“Force play” while the computer is thinking will cause it to make its move immediately. If done while it’s your turn, the computer will move for you and flip the board so that you are playing from the other side. If you want, you can force play an entire game and watch the artificial intelligence fight against itself.

When you quit the game the current state will be saved and restored when you resume the game. The menu also allows the user to reload the last game saved, save the current position and start a new game without having to quit the game.




Menu, Play, Prev, Next

Move the cursor


Pick up / Drop piece


Change level


Force play


Show the menu

12.1.7  Chopper


Figure 12.6: Chopper

Navigate a cavernous maze without banging into walls, the ceiling, or the floor. How long can you fly your chopper?




Make chopper fly


Enter menu

12.1.8  Clix


Figure 12.7: Clix

The aim is to remove all blocks from the board. You can only remove blocks, if at least two blocks with the same color have a direct connection. The more blocks you remove per turn, the more points you get.



Prev/Next/ Menu/Play

Move the cursor around the blocks


Remove a block


12.1.9  Codebuster


Figure 12.8: Codebuster

Codebuster is a clone of the classic mastermind game. The computer selects a random combination of coloured pegs and the aim is to guess the correct combination in the smallest number of moves. After each attempt to guess the combination the results are displayed in the form of red and white pegs. A red peg signifies a correct peg in the correct position, and a white peg signifies a correct peg in the wrong position.



Menu+ Select

Show menu


Check suggestion and move to next line

Prev / Next

Select a peg

Scroll Forward / Scroll Backward

Change current peg

12.1.10  Dice

Dice is a simple dice rolling simulator. Select number and type of dice to roll in a menu and start by choosing “Roll Dice”. The result is shown as individual numbers as well as the total of the rolled dice.




Roll dice again

Menu+ Select


12.1.11  Doom


Figure 12.9: Doom

This is the famous Doom game.

Getting started

For the game to run you need .wad game files located in /.rockbox/doom/ on your player. Create the directory and save the following files there:

The Rockbox .wad, based on prboom.wad from prboom-2.2.6
Your wad files.
Copy all Doom wads you wish to play into that directory.

The needed files can be found at PluginDoom

To play addon wads create the addons directory within the doom directory. Place wad files in this directory. Currently doom only supports a maximum number of 10 addons.

A free alternative for Doom 2 is FreeDoom (http://freedoom.sourceforge.net). This can be used in place of doom2.wad, or it may be used as an addon in Doom, by placing it in the addons directory.

Rockdoom Menu.
The Rockdoom menu is shown when Doom is first launched. This is the only time it can be accessed (before starting the game). To re-adjust Rockdoom options, you will need to quit your current game and restart the plugin.
Main Menu.
The Doom plugin has a main menu, which is brought up before a game is started. It has the following entries:

Game. Select which (official) wad to launch
Addon. Select which unofficial addon wad to launch (From /.rockbox/doom/addons directory)
Demos. Select which demo file to play on game start
Options. Configure low-level Doom options
Play Game. Launch the wad/addon/Demo chosen

Options Menu.
This menu has the following options:

Sound. Enable or Disable sound in Doom
Set Keys. Change the game key configuration
Time Demo. Run a timed demo, to test game speed on a player (Only runs on Doom Shareware)
Player Bobbing. Enable or Disable player up/Down movement
Translucency. Enable or Disable sprite translucency (Fireballs, Plasma...)
Fake Contrast. Enable or Disable modified game lighting
Always Run. Make the player always run
Headsup Display. Show the player status when in fullscreen
Statusbar Always Red. Disable colour response statusbar

InGame Main Menu.
This menu can only be accessed from within a running game, and is displayed by flipping your Hold switch a couple of times

New Game. Start a new game
Options. In game options
Load Game. Load a saved game
Save Game. Save the current game
Quit. Quit the game

InGame Options Menu.
This menu has the following options:

End Game. Ends the current game
Messages. Enable or Disable in game messages
Screen Size. Shrink or Enlarge the displayed portion of the game
Gamma. Change the brightness (Gamma) of the game
Sound Volume. Change the sound, music and system volume

Note: In game music is not currently supported