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A.  File formats

A.1 Supported file formats

A.1  Supported file formats

Icon File Type


Action when selected

PIC Directory


Enter the directory



Display all bookmarks for an audio file

PIC Configuration File


Load the settings file

PIC Chip8 game


Play the Chip8 game

PIC Cuesheet


View the cuesheet file

PIC Font


Change the user interface font to this one

PIC Image


View the JPEG image



Display list of target files and directories; selecting one jumps to the target. See section 10.3.1.

PIC Language File


Load the language file

PIC Playlist

.m3u, .m3u8

Load the playlist and start playing the first file

PIC Rockbox firmware


Load the new firmware with ROLO

PIC Audio file

.mp2, .mp3

Start playing the file and show the WPS

PIC Plugin


Start the plugin

PIC Text File


Display the text file using the text viewer plugin

PIC Flash Image


Flash the Rockbox image into the ROM

Voice file


Allow Rockbox to speak menus

PIC While Playing Screen


Load the new WPS display configuration